Application Process

The scholarship application process includes the submittal of the following:

  • Copy of DD214/separation papers (if formally discharged from military), or an LES (if still on active duty)

  • The email addresses of three (3) individuals who can serve as references for you

  • Official transcripts representing the highest level of education

  • Supporting financial documentation demonstrating financial need for scholarship (i.e. tax returns, W-2 form, or statement of earnings from employers)
    Note: If on active duty, salary will not be considered as a criteria. Pensions will be considered, however.

After your application has been received, you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. A member of our selection committee will contact you with the selection results within a few days after the interview.

Second Scholarship Policy

Once a scholar has completed all course work, they are eligible to apply for a second scholarship. Second scholarship applications will be submitted through the same application platform, but new accounts must be created with a different email address than what was used for the first application.

Application for the second scholarship: Second scholarship applicants will not have to fill out the full application. Instead, they will be asked to provide the following information in their application: name, program completed with first scholarship, date of program completion, name of degree or designation desired for second scholarship, current employer and their reimbursement policies, AGI, phone number, address, and if, necessary, any extenuating circumstances.

Decision process for the second scholarship: the Center's Executive Director will review the application, including transcripts, and make a decision to award or not award the scholarship based on past performance, current situation, and current available funds. All scholarships are full scholarships (i.e. no partial scholarships). The Executive Director will inform the Selection Committee of his decision. Applicants will receive notification directly from the Executive Director, and will then work with the Center’s coordinator for course registrations.

For questions on the application process, please contact Sheila Runkel at 610-526-1517.