Navy Pilot Completes Designation from The American College While on Active Duty!

November 03, 2017

Lieutenant Commander Brandon Jenkins has spent 14 years in the United States Navy and plans to go for a full 20-year career. In addition to being an accomplished Navy pilot, Brandon also has the distinction of being one of the first Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs scholarship recipients to complete their full program while still on active duty. He successfully completed the nine-course curriculum to receive his Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation. He will ultimately sit for the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) certification exam within two and a half years of his scholarship award date, which is no easy feat while also balancing a home life and an active duty military schedule. When we interviewed Brandon in 2014 for his ChFC® scholarship, he outlined the three goals he wanted to accomplish with his education.

“My first goal is to successfully complete nine more years of honorable, naval service. While still on active duty, I plan on using the principles learned from my ChFC® education to better counsel and guide my sailors. As part of my plan to earn the ChFC® certification, I will be logging some of the CFP Board’s required experience hours by helping sailors learn about personal finance. Ultimately, my hope is that I can encourage my sailors to make smart choices that will secure their families’ financial futures. I believe that helping people achieve success in their personal lives also helps them succeed at work. My second goal is to build the foundation required to be able to do something I love in the civilian sector after my Navy career. One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a naval officer is having a positive impact on the lives of those who work both for me and with me. After the Navy, I want a career doing something I’m passionate about that gives me the ability to continue helping people get more joy out of their lives. Financial counseling gives me this ability. This program offers the educational foundation needed to achieve my goal. My final goal is to complete all CFP Board requirements and earn my CFP® certification prior to retiring from the Navy. I want to set myself up to run my own financial planning practice. While still in the Navy, I will offer basic planning services to friends, family, and my sailors free of charge. I know that the lessons learned in this program will enable me to offer a professional and more valuable experience to those I serve.”

Scholarship recipients who successfully complete their first program of study are allowed to come back and apply for a second and final scholarship. Brandon recently submitted his application to earn the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) designation, which will round out his skills by providing him with a strong foundation in life insurance. “As I progressed through the ChFC® program, I enjoyed the life insurance/risk management aspects of comprehensive financial planning the most,” Brandon says. “I enjoyed it so much that I studied for and obtained my life insurance agent license in the state of Florida at the same time I was completing the ChFC® program. Because I consider the CLU® designation to be the “gold standard” for life insurance professionals, I want to pursue this education so that I can learn as much as possible and be ready to serve my clients and be recognized as a leader in the field.” Brandon will be fully credentialed and ready to make a big splash into the financial services profession well in advance of his retirement from serving our country. We’re proud of Brandon’s success and grateful for his service.