November 2016 Scholarship Recipients

November 10, 2016
Nancy Feldman

Nancy Feldman is the wife of a veteran RECON Marine. When her husband returned from Vietnam, he served on the President's Honor Guard under President Nixon. Following a career in the professional employment industry, Nancy has spent the past 10 years representing Aflac as an independent insurance agent. Already licensed to sell life and health insurance products, Nancy wants to expand her skill set through education so she can develop her practice more comprehensively. "What I do gives me so much joy. I want to continue doing the right things for the right reasons," she says. She will be studying for the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) designation, which will give her the knowledge and confidence necessary to make the next phase of her career a success. "I was meant to do this," Nancy says. "I want to do more, and I want the additional knowledge to better equip me to do even more for my current and future clients."

Katie Leiva

Katie Leiva is the spouse of a retired Coast Guard officer. She already holds the Accredited Financial Counselor designation. As an AFC, Katie develops and teaches financial literacy programs for the Education and Veterans Services Department of the nonprofit Navy Mutual Aid Association. She travels to military bases nationwide to provide training. “The teaching is so rewarding,” says Katie. “The thing about teaching someone to make better financial decisions is that you can’t do the work for them; they have to find their own solutions. It’s good to be the guide who points them in the right direction.” Among the many topics she addresses in her classes is retirement planning, a topic of increasing interest to her students. The upcoming change in the military’s retirement plan has her students thinking about the future. “The motto of the Coast Guard, semper paratus, means ‘always ready,’” she says. “This is important not just to Coasties, but to anyone who wants to have financial security.” Once Katie completes the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation, she will have a more comprehensive financial planning foundation and will be better able to serve her students.

Ray Matherne

Ray Matherne, Lieutenant Colonel, just celebrated 20 years in the Air Force. Ray’s military career has taken him all over the world, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, and Okinawa; he spent an average of just 22 months per station. “I’ve done a lot of cool stuff,” he says. Ray’s background is in logistics and he currently works in acquisitions, but he is looking toward his post-military career and thinks the financial services profession would be a good fit for him. He considers his interest in financial planning a hobby right now, but his goal is to turn that hobby into a living. “As I look forward to retirement, I see myself meeting with individuals and helping them get a better grasp of their financial habits.” After completing the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program, he will have the increased knowledge and confidence to continue to serve others as he has for the last 20 years.

Kevin Rasmussen

Kevin Rasmussen’s time in the Marine Corps left an impact on him. “I loved my military career,” he says. “Would I do it again? Definitely.” He spent four years on Active Duty as a logistics officer then transitioned to a reserve unit, ultimately attaining the rank of Captain. His time in Iraq for Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield gave him a greater appreciation for the United Sates. “I learned that I am a blessed individual.” After some time in the private sector working in logistics, Kevin met a representative from Transamerica and began working with them in 2014. He has completed his series exams, but he felt there was still much about the profession that he wanted to understand more fully. “The series exams only teach you so much – they teach you just enough go to out and be dangerous,” he says. He will complete the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation to equip him with a more extensive financial planning education. That new knowledge will serve Kevin well in his new career. “I get really excited when I see the light go on in people’s eyes. When I am able to sit down and educate them, it makes it worth all the effort.”

Danita Yetter

Danita Yetter is the spouse of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Though her background is in speech pathology, Danita is looking for a career change. She believes financial advising and speech pathology share some characteristics. Working as a speech pathologist involves meeting with people to discuss their specific challenges, and then working together to find solutions. “I see myself doing the same thing as a financial advisor,” Danita says. She has always had a knack for numbers, but her interest in the financial services profession was piqued when she met with a stockbroker to discuss issues with her 403(b) account. As a volunteer for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, she is gaining valuable experience working with clients, but she is ready to learn more. She has chosen the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program as a way to expand her skill set and build her confidence.