October 2017 Scholarship Recipients

October 12, 2017
Kelly Buehner

Kelly Buehner (Fort Knox, KY) is the spouse of an Active Duty Army Lieutenant Colonel who has over 20 years of service. An accomplished financial services professional with an MBA, Kelly has been working in a support role with the same firm since 2001, despite moving several times during her husband’s career. She began telecommuting in the early 2000’s and says, "Twelve years and several duty stations later, I am still logging in every morning and servicing the same clients." Her husband is nearing his retirement, and Kelly wants to move into an advisory position with her company. Her goal is to give back to the military community by providing the financial advice so greatly needed by many soldiers and their families. Kelly sees her scholarship as a great opportunity. "I realize that a lot of the Active Duty service members and Veterans don’t have financial plans in place. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about effective tools and techniques so when my husband does retire and we settle somewhere, I can reach out to the military community to help them move toward financial security or prepare them to retire comfortably." She will be completing the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program, and hopes to sit for the CFP® examination. "If I had my way, I would earn all the designations I could."

Jeremy Goetz

Jeremy Goetz (Bernville, PA) spent four years in the Marine Corps immediately after graduating from high school. As part of the Marine Corps, he worked as a field radio operator and as a marksmanship instructor, and was stationed in North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan. After his commitment with the Marine Corps was fulfilled, he transitioned from Active Duty and attended Penn State to earn an undergraduate degree in business. During that time, he found he missed the camaraderie of the military and joined a nearby National Guard unit. In 2001, shortly after getting married, Jeremy's unit was deployed to Germany following the September 11th attacks. He refers to that time as not physically challenging, but mentally challenging. "You want to be with your family," he says, "but in the military, you're not there for yourself. You're there for a higher purpose." Following a safe deployment, Jeremy returned home where he was on reserve status until 2006 when he returned to Active Duty. Jeremy is celebrating 25 years of combined service which includes 4 years in the Marine Corps and 21 years in the Army National Guard. He currently works as a Retirement Services Coordinator, providing guidance and advice for soldiers who are preparing to retire and for soldiers who are already retired and collecting their retirement pay. He wants to complete the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program so he can provide his soldiers with the most beneficial advice possible. "I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people," Jeremy says. "I'm a hard worker and I'm going to take care of people in any way I can."

Shane Hatfield

Shane Hatfield (East New Market, MD) is a currently deployed Army Specialist who called into his scholarship interview from his base in Kuwait. Shane works in a reserve finance unit, essentially a bank for the base, processing electronic fund transfers to ensure that contractors get paid. In 2010, Shane had a deployment to Afghanistan and says the difference between the two experiences was noticeable. "These two deployments have been in pretty stark contrast with each other. The demeanor now is much less serious; we're out of harm's way in Kuwait." Back in the United States, Shane has a career in an administrative role with Morgan Stanley, but he hopes to move up the ladder quickly. He has his Series 7 and 66 licenses and now wants to complete the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program and eventually take the CFP® examination. His goal is to provide better insights to the financial advisors with whom he works, to better assist clients, and to demonstrate his value as a financial services professional.

Corey Kelley

Corey Kelley (Pleasanton, CA) spent six years on Active Duty in the Army until she transitioned in 2000, and then came back to join the Army Reserves in 2007. By the time she left in 2015, she had reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. Her first six years were spent in Telecommunications, but once she moved to the Reserves, she worked in Psychological Operations (PSYOP). In that role, she was able to travel frequently, and worked with the local soldiers in Jordan and Iraq, outside the safety of a military base. "The people were very welcoming, very friendly. I felt lucky to get that job because it was so dynamic," she said. She enjoyed spending her time "winning hearts and minds" among the local population. During her time in Iraq, she helped coordinate and participated in a leaflet drop over Mosul, distributing communications to ensure a "safe and fair election." In her civilian life, Corey is just about to finish a Master of Science in Accounting. However, Corey says she enjoys the face-to-face interaction of financial planning more than the relative solitude of accounting. "I like working with numbers, and I like the gratification you get from helping people one-on-one to meet their goals." As the previous owner of her own personal fitness training business, Corey’s goal is to open her own financial planning company. She will be completing the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program, which will build on her accounting background and equip her to serve clients in a more comprehensive way.

Jim Netzband

Jim Netzband (Columbia, SC) spent almost 10 years in the Army and transitioned to civilian life in 1998 at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Immediately following high school, he attended one semester of college but realized that he wanted to see more of the world. "I was a recruiter’s dream. I walked in and said, 'Give me something where I don't have to sit behind a desk.' The recruiter said, "'Great! Infantry it is!'" Jim's life in the infantry included several overseas deployments, including the first Gulf War, the Korean DMZ, and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. "I loved my time in the Army," Jim says, but personal reasons ultimately led to his transition to civilian life. "I had to make a decision to be a soldier, or to be a dad, and I chose to be a dad. I don't regret that at all." These days, Jim is a financial advisor with VALIC (Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company) Financial Advisors, Inc. where he helps educators from several local school districts with their retirement and financial planning needs. "There are a lot of things people don't understand about their financial situations that an advisor can help with. I get a lot of fulfillment in the educational aspect of my role. I like being the person who helps clients understand their options and empowers them to make sound decisions about their financial futures." Jim holds the LUTCF credential and several industry designations, and now he wants to complete the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) program so he can better serve his clients. "Everyone's important, and everyone's situation is different," he says. "Most people have the same basic financial needs and goals. It's just a matter of helping them get there."