Rick Nail

Rick Nail

Veteran Center Coordinator, Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs

The American College of Financial Services

Rick Nail is the Veteran Center Coordinator. He joined The American College in 2013 and served in Admissions. He became Lead Coordinator in the South Florida office and has helped countless students on their academic journey from beginning to end. Prior to joining the college, he helped thousands of students earn the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce. He went to college in his thirties, receiving a degree in ministerial foundational learning. He then went on to serve in many positions including bi-vocational pastorates.

A Marine veteran, he served as an F-4 Phantom Electrician. His time spent serving with fellow Marines and keeping their jets flying resonated as serving a purpose greater than himself and remains a lifetime highlight and achievement.

He resides in South Florida where he is near his daughter, her family, his brother, and his family. Rick’s 2 greatest joys are seeing his daughter become the mother/woman she continues to be, and now serving in the Veterans Center, a position of higher cause.